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In Memory

Randall V. Allen

Randall V. Allen

Randy died in his sleep on March 1, 1994. This is Randy's obituary from The Deseret News published March 13, 1994.

Randall V. Allen, 42, passed away peacefully in his sleep, March 1, 1994 in Oakland, Calif.

Randy found fascination, humor in life and people, spreading something positive to everything he encountered. He excelled in restaurant management, making others feel comfortable, singing in the shower, good food and "savoring the moment". Enjoyed warm sunshine, purring cats, gentle breezes, chirping birds, cooking smells and a good hearty laugh. His easy smile, laughter, tender-hearted ways will warm our hearts and memories forever.Born May 25, 1951 in Delta, Utah; son to Vaughn and Mildred K. Allen. Randy is very much loved and dearly missed.

Survived by his parents; Robert (Bobby) Smith; ex-wife, Pam and son, Meric DeVoe Allen; "Big Brother" Kerry Lynn and wife, Joy Allen; and "Big Sister" Marlene (Murf) Allen.

An acknowledgment service was held in San Francisco, March 1, 1994. He requested cremation and his wish was; "For you to celebrate my life not mourn my death because I'm gone and in a better place."

So, "Loved One, Little Brother, Son and Dad"...we Shall! We celebrate your life!!!